Integrated system of components for a complete construction of medical premises


The FORMEDICAL® system represents a self-supporting system of sandwich-type partition walls constructed vertically. This system is intended for building in all medical work sites, in particular for diagnostics, dilution of cytostatics, X-ray sites, tissue centres, central sterilization, and for laboratories for genetically modified organizms.

The FORMEDICAL® system may be adapted to particular spatial requirements, thus providing customers great variability and flexibility to creat ideal working environment.




FORMEDICAL® system components:


Partition wall panels and accessories panels

  • panels - basic, facing, plasterboard facing, X-rays, with increased thermal resistance
  • accessories of partition wall panels - floor covering including cavettos, aluminium cavetto and accessories


Partition wall panels glazing

  • window panel - PHARMA glazing, safety glazing
  • additional glazing of metal partition wall
  • X-rays glazing, glazing into plasterboard partition walls


Doors and doorframes

  • turning door basic
  • fire resistant, with increased thermal resistance, turning X-rays
  • turning door glazed into material lockse
  • mechanic sliding, automatic sliding
  • swinging



  • light metal soffit FORCLEAN®
  • ceiling panels partially walkable


Light fittings

  • light fitting FORCLEAN LIGHT
  • light fitting FORCLEAN LED


Wall protection

  • stainless steel crash-rails and handrails
  • plastic wall and corner guards


HVAC grilles and extenders

  • filtration outlet for surgeries
  • HVAC extenders into light metal soffit
  • HVAC grilles
  • HVAC grilles with pocket filter
  • exhaust wall extender with HEPA filter


Control panels

  • ensure information on time, state of UPS plugs for vital function, for surgical luminaire
  • ensure medical gases check, control of integrated illumination of laminar ceiling
  • test and signalize state of el. network, contain display of temperature state with HVAC control


Laminar flow fields

  • laminar flow fields
  • laminar ceiling into surgeries


Furniture and equipment

  • laminated material furniture, stainless steel furniture – doctor’s washing, work tables
  • trolleys, cabinets, racks, containers, sinks