Compact system for complete implementation of premises with high demand on work environment (cleanrooms)


FORCLEAN® is a comprehensive system for complex construction of premises with highly demanding requirements for the work environment, so-called clean rooms. Its individual components are developed in mutual compatibility for easy to assembly method.

The FORCLEAN® system is self-supporting system of sandwich partitions built in height. For construction of premises are used the ForcleanR components developed based on our longtime experience creating any desired rooms at highest quality.

The FORCLEAN® system can be adapted to the specific room requirements and offers a huge variability and flexibility in creating ideal working environment. It can be used in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, electrical engineering, food processing, automotive industry and everywhere where is the focus on compliance with specific requirements of production parameters – clean rooms.




FORCLEAN® system components:


Partition wall panels and accessories panels

  • panels - basic, facing, plasterboard facing, X-rays, with increased thermal resistance
  • accessories of partition wall panels - floor covering including cavettos, aluminium cavetto and accessories


Partition wall panels glazing

  • window panel - PHARMA glazing, safety glazing
  • additional glazing of metal partition wall
  • X-rays glazing, glazing into plasterboard partition walls


Doors and doorframes

  • turning door basic
  • fire resistant, with increased thermal resistance, turning X-rays
  • turning door glazed into material locks
  • mechanic sliding, automatic sliding
  • swinging



  • light metal soffit FORCLEAN®
  • ceiling panels partially walkable


Light fittings

  • light fitting FORCLEAN LIGHT
  • light fitting FORCLEAN LED


Partition wall panels products

  • transfer hatch, cabinet
  • personal lock


Filtration extenders Purofils

  • filtration extender Purofil into light metal soffit
  • filtration extender Purofil into panel ceiling
  • laminar flow fields


HVAC grilles and extenders

  • HVAC extenders into light metal soffit
  • HVAC grilles
  • HVAC grilles with pocket filter
  • exhaust wall extender with HEPA filter


Circulation units

  • hanged into light metal soffit or on transerable box


Supplements into cleanrooms

  • telephone set for internal communication in cleanrooms
  • plastic or stainless steel crash-rails and handrails
  • wall and corner guards