Production possibilities


Servo-hydraulic shears SAFAN M-Shear    Hydraulic shears ESPE
Material Thickness Length Material Thickness Length
mild steel, zinc 6 mm 3000 mm mild steel, zinc 6 mm 4000 mm
stainless steel 4 mm 3000 mm stainless steel 4 mm 4000 mm



Multifunctional machine TruMatic 6000
Material Thickness Type
mild steel, zinc 6,4 mm O2 laser
mild steel, zinc 4 mm N2 laser
stainless steel 4 mm N2 laser
aluminium 3 mm N2 laser
punching area 1550x3050 mm  
TruFlow 2000 laser power 10 - 2000 W
laser power programmable in 1% steps



Press brake Amada PROMECAM Press brake TrumaBend V130
4 m / 125 tons 3 m / 130 tons
Material Thickness Lenght Material Thickness Length
mild steel 3 mm 4000 mm mild, zinc, stainless 3 mm 3000 mm
zinc 3 mm 4000 mm mild steel, zinc 4 mm 2500 mm
stainless steel 3 mm 4000 mm stainless steel 4 mm 2000 mm
  mild, zinc, stainless 5 mm 2000 mm
  mild steel, zinc 6 mm 2000 mm
  stainless steel 6 mm 1400 mm


Folding machine RAS XLTbend
Working length 4060mm
Material thickness max (400 N/mm²) 2,5mm


Powder coating line H+V
Degreasing and rinsing chamber TKS 045.OOK Drying chamber TKS 080.PKZVO
Coating chamber MAJKA 3821PD Coating oven TKS 120.PKZVO
Product Width Length Height Diagonal Weight
limits for 1 part 1200 mm 4000 mm 2400 mm 5000 mm 150 kg


Surface-treated materials Pretreatment performed by following steps:
mild steel 1. degreasing + passivation (nanotechnology)
zinc 2. industrial water rinse
stainless steel 3. clean water rinse
aluminium 4. demineralized water rinse



Welding of metallic materials
mild steel CO2 (MIG / MAG), TIG
zinc CO2 (MIG / MAG)
stainless steel TIG


Bonding - max. dimension 1500x4200 mm
sandwich panels with different types of fillings (polystyrene, styrofoam, mineral wool, plywood), doors, partitions (with fire resistance - EI 30, EW and 60), acoustic chambers, X-ray panels and doors ...


standard glass, safety glass, X-Ray lead glass, fire resistant glass, mirror glass
glass doors and panels, elevator shafts, cabins...


Installations and assemblies

assemblies of products and configurations of machines and equipment according to the requirements


Electrical installations

lighting for clean rooms, air circulating units, installation of electrical components of FORLAB® product line, products with control, solar panels, hybrid products...


laser and plasma cutting roll bending
sand blasting and shot blasting wet painting, cataphoresis, galvanizing