Variable system of furniture elements and equipment for laboratories with all sorts of process conditions


The FORLAB® system represents a variable modular system by means of which assembled and equipped may be laboratory premises with the most variable operation demands. The system is primary designed for laboratories in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and also for places where are high demands on the equipment and installations resistance to aggressive environments.

This system utilizes furniture elements and equipment, of which it is simple to compound arbitrary configurations and to create arbitrary interiors. Atypical products are a matter of fact, as well as customer defined arrangements.

FORLAB® product line is fully compatible with FORCLEAN® product line, complete building of all types of protected laboratories (e.g. microbiological, pharmaceutical, analytical etc.) is possible by their mutual combination.




FORLAB® system components:


Laboratory tables

  • laboratory table fixed with cabinets
  • laboratory table mobile with container
  • cabinet with sink
  • top and bottom service core
  • bridge for media


Laboratory fume hoods

  • laboratory fume hood DGP
  • laboratory fume hood DGL
  • laboratory fume hood DGS
  • laboratory fume hood DGLE
  • fume hood with Labcontrol control system


Laminar flow box

  • laminar flow box, isolator workplaces


Phytotron (growth) chambers

  • air-conditioned chamber is designed for all sorts of biological tests and cultivations
  • provides temperature control, humidity control, forced air circulation


Laminated material furniture

  • tables
  • low cabinets and containers
  • cabinets
  • shelves


Metal furniture

  • stainless steel furniture
  • work tables, washing tables, sinks
  • trolleys and containers
  • racks, cabinets, shelves