Purchase a multifunctional machine TruMatic 6000

To innovate the machine park and meet customer requirements the company FOR Clean, a.s. purchased a multifunctional machine TruMatic 6000.

TruMatic 6000 is a combination of punching and laser machine that allows us to be flexible in all the material thickness up to 6 mm.




working area in combination punch / laser  (X x Y)

3050 x 1550 mm

maximum sheet thickness

6,4 mm


laser power (programmable in 1% steps) TruFlow 2000 

10 - 2000 W


Max. sheet thickness


construction steel O2

6,4 mm

construction steel N2

4 mm

stainless steel N2

4 mm

aluminium alloys N2

3 mm


TruMatic 6000 is a combined machine for the production of complex demanding metal parts. High quality is ensured by the system of brush tables and trigger segments.