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Порошковое покрытие

Порошковое покрытие

Metal finish with powder paints also called powder coating is modern technology of surface treatment of metal products, in which the powder paint is applied by spraying in an electrostatic field.

The indisputable advantage of powder coating is that it is one of the cleanest methods of surface treatment in which there is no damage to the environment or human health.

The logical consequence of this is that the consumption of powder coatings has been growing as a gradual substitution of traditional wet paints. Increasing consumption is also due to the excellent physico-chemical, mechanical, aesthetic and anti-corrosion abilities of finishes as well as economic reasons.

The primary objective of FOR Clean, a.s. is to meet customer requirements for surface quality which is also increased by the mechanical and chemical pretreatment of metallic materials. At the same time we are able to flexibly respond to requests about changes of shades and colours and adapt to customer delivery date.

Široká škála možností

We offer powder paints from different suppliers and a wide range of colors of RAL scale on different surfaces:

  • epoxy-polyester (intended for internal use)
  • epoxy (intended for internal use)
  • polyester (designed for outdoor use)
  • polyester facade (designed for outdoor use with high resistance to UV radiation)
  • polyurethane (designed for outdoor use)
  • paints of different surfaces - smooth, finely or coarsely structured
  • colors with varying degrees of plosh - gloss, semi-gloss, matte

Povrchovo upravované materiály

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Pretreatment performed by following steps:

  1. degreasing + passivation (nanotechnology)
  2. industrial water rinse
  3. clean water rinse
  4. demineralized water rinse

Production possibilities

In our chambers we can powder-painted parts to size:

  • length 4000mm
  • height 2400mm
  • width 1200mm
  • Diagonal 5000 mm
  • Weight 150 kg