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Forclean GMP


A comprehensive system for the complex construction of facilities in compliance with GMP standards where the decisive parameter is the prevention of particle and microbial contamination (the system guarantees microbial purity). The system meets all international GMP guidelines. These GMP requirements are met both by individual products and by the cleanrooms as the whole.

The principle of the wall system

A self-supporting system of sandwich partition panels built edgewise.

Application fields

  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Foodstuffs Industry
  • Chemical Industry (production of API and HAPI)
  • and in all applications where emphasis is laid on observance of specific requirements on production parameters (cleanrooms)

Usage in

  • Overpressure cleanrooms with usual requirements on temperature and humidity
  • Cleanrooms with increased or reduced temperature (temperature-controlled or cool chambers)
  • Vacuum cleanrooms (for increased biohazard protection)
  • Explosion-proof cleanrooms