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Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing

Simultaneously with the production of our product lines Forclean® GMP, Forclean® Průmysl, Formedical® and BLOCK Surgical® FOR Clean also aims to custom manufacruring according to specific criteria and customer requirements particularly in the areas of health services, catering and laboratories. We have also many years experience wtih more civil oriented projects such as for construction industry or production of equipment for office spaces.

Services and production possibilities

Custom manufacturing portfoliio of FOR Clean

  • Casing and parts of machinery and equipment
  • Oven modules for the food industry
  • Checking workstation for the printing industry
  • Sandwich panels
  • Ceiling sheets for cableway station
  • Stainless steel trolleys and holders
  • Air circulation units
  • Stainless steel furniture for gastronomy, laboratories and hospitals
  • Billboards, electro-boxes, parts of railings
  • Various steel structures according to customer requirements