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Lightweight metal suspended ceiling FORCLEAN 105.01

Lightweight metal suspended ceiling is a lowered ceiling structure with a concealed suspension system.

It consists of tiles and a suspension grid. Metal tiles are clicked onto a self-locking edge profile, and they are surface-finished on the visible side. This installation method allows the removal of any of the tiles from the suspension grid and access to the space above the suspended ceiling.

In case of overpressure in the room, the suspended ceiling is secured against lifting by a bend of the support. The structure of the suspended ceiling allows for direct mounting of light fixtures, air conditioning adapters, PUROFIL filtration adapters, service tiles and glazed tiles.


Product type
System from 2016
105.01A – old system (until 06/2005)105.01B – new system - stronger ceiling panel compatible with light fixtures and Purofil components (from 06/2005)105.01C – new designation, new suspension grid system (from 04/2007)105.01D - System from 2010
105.01E - System from 08/2015

MS item of the ceiling system
Snap-on ceiling panel 625x625mm (without filling)
Panel 312,5x625mm (half)
Bearing profile
Bearing profile joint
Snap-type profile
Snap-type profile joint
Snap-type profile support 125 mm (typ S)
Snap type profile support 175 mm (typ L) standard
Threaded bar M6x1000
Threaded bar M6x2000
Threaded bar joint
Perimeter bar L-25x25mm
Panel V 625x1250 (with glued mineral wool)
Panel V 625x625 (with glued mineral wool)
Panel 625x1250 (without filling)
Ground wire 300 mm
Ground wire 300 mm
Ground wire 800 mm
In this category, an items is selected from the ceiling system. In this case of suspended ceiling with no coving, the MS-20 bottom perimeter strip MS-20 (L 25x25) must be specified separately.

Hue and material of standard solid ceiling panels
Galvanized steel sheet, hue RAL 9002
Galvanized steel sheet, hue RAL 9016
Stainless steel metal sheet AISI 304
Komaxit, hue RAL
without additional surface treatment - for grid

Ceiling anchoring
Hilti beam clamp (rolled steel beams I, U, L)
L-profile (steel construction made of closed profiles, etc.)
Threaded bar joint (concrete ceiling structure)
In this category, a system of anchoring the ceiling suspension brackets in the structure is selected.

Atypical design
Type design
Atypical design
Type design
0 - Unique specification out of offered versions
Atypical design
Q - atypical design that cannot be uniquely specified by a code