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Window panel - Pharma glazing across panel width 103.01

With the system of partition panels, a glazed window panel represents one of the basic elements to construct clean workplaces and areas with maximum safety, sterility, hygiene, easy maintenance and sanitation.

The system in question is the PHARMA glazing system, offering double-sided glazing where the glass pane is in plane with the surface of the panel.

Its design makes it suitable especially for hospital environments, areas in pharmaceutical industry, electrotechnical industry, mechanical engineering industry, food industry, etc.

prosklení.jpg1 - Glazing; 2 - Partition panel


Spojení dvou prosklení

1 - Glass; 2 - Mastic; 3 - Cable gland; 4 - Glass; 5 - Glass


Spojení prosklení s panelem

1 - Glass; 2 -  - Cable gland; 3 - Mastic; 4 - Partition panel


Panel type
window panel – Pharma glazing across panel width

Panel thickness
100 mm
60 mm
52 mm

Structural opening dimensions
1190 mm970 mm
1190 mm1500 mm
1200 mm970 mm
Maximum structural opening dimensions 1500x1500x120 mm!
Dimensions 1200x970 mm - glazing only for panels with aluminum frame thickness. 52 mm.

laminated safety glass, thickness 6 mm
float glass, thickness 4mm
Note: As standard the glazing is of clear glass, but it is possible to order an atypical version with milk glass.
Float glass design only for glazing with sill 1100mm and above.

Blinds type
without blinds
electric blinds
magnetic blinds
mechanical blinds
Attention: Magnetic blinds can be controlled only from one side! Standard hue of blinds S156 (silver) according to the manufacturer's sample book, custom hues according to RAL colour standard. The notes must specify the number of the panel in which the blinds control will be installed and the blind control side.

Blinds control
on visible side
on non-visible side
remote (only for electric)
The notes must specify the number of the panel in which the blinds control will be installed.

Hue and material
Metal sheet, hue RAL 9002
Metal sheet, hue RAL 9016
Stainless steel AISI 304
Komaxit, hue RAL

Atypical design
Type design
Atypical design
Type design
0 - Unique specification out of offered versions
Atypical design
Q - atypical design that cannot be uniquely specified by a code